About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit Brave Soul and Company. Art and writing has brought me so much freedom and healing over the years. It is an an amazing outlet for self-expression and self-actualization. Years ago, I began to connect with watercolor painting, creating images that captured the essence of woman. I wanted to convey the beauty, power, and uniqueness of who we are from the inside out. I hope our journals are an inspiration to you and that you use the pages to embrace the amazing person that you are.
Brave Soul + Company is a brand for the journey. We create products to affirm the beauty of women and empower the soul search for growth and joy. We are home for the overcomers and those overcoming. We create a platform for those who wish to dream, vent, heal, pray, think, and create.
We believe that expression is the road to freedom. Everyone should have a voice and dare to be unique.
We believe every story has power and it is important to walk out this life with vulnerability; embracing your own truth.
We believe that you are not alone. Together we can create a sacred community grounded in humility, empowerment, support, and love.